1st Day of Christmas!

There are 10 working days left until Christmas! Huzzah! To celebrate I’m going to do a little archaeology reminscing about the year that was (and still is) 2012. Welcome to my…


For the first day of Christmas I was gifted with my favourite news story of the year and I couldn’t wait to share it all with you! It was like the gods of archaeology had looked down upon me and smiled. I wasn’t able to go back to Egypt this year so instead someone brought Egyptian archaeology to me!

Here’s a little backstory: In 1975 Egyptian Hieroglyphic inscriptions were allegedly found right here in Australia, carved into the rock within the Brisbane Water National Park. The legitimacy of the glyphs had issues right from the get go. Since their discovery it had been reported that more and more glyphs were appearing each time rangers returned to the site not to mention the reports that a man was caught carving glyphs into the rock by park rangers in 1984. When I switched on the radio this morning however I was greeted with the news that smaller glyphs had been discovered close to the original site along with a bone fragment and metal jewellery. A series of underground tunnels have also been discovered.

Hell yes! First off congratulations if it was in fact you who started this whole thing in the 70s and are now sitting back and laughing as your hoax is once again in the spotlight. Well played my friend, well played. Images of a lost group of Egyptian traders who were pushed off course by violent winds and then somehow made it to the other side of the world and then somehow managed to survive and for some reason decided to inscribe unintelligible writings on the side of a cliff as they struggled to survive in a new and harsh environment are already filling peoples heads. Ridiculous as it sounds the story allows me to indulge every archaeological fantasy I’ve ever had. Imagine it, all the joys of an Egyptian archaeological site without the cost of the plane ticket! Oh and I know this story is going to send so many archaeologists mad with frustration but this too will pass and for now it’s either my favourite hoax of the year or the strangest story of survivor I’ve ever heard!

Happy first (working) day of Christmas!



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